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‘American Idol’ Introducing Changes To Make Give A More Discerning Judging System

'American Idol' Introducing Changes To Make Give A More Discerning Judging System

american Idol season 13

American Idol” will return to Fox tomorrow night with season 13, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on the season ahead. On Tuesday, Jan. 14, Ace Showbiz shared new details about season 13.

This Fox reality series might be the first and most successful series, but it has seen a dip in the ratings in recent years. Fox is hoping to turn that around with some big changes to the series. Season 13 will see a new judging panel, but that is not all.

Randy Jackson will go behind the scenes, and he will hold a boot camp for the contestants. The middle rounds that will narrow down the contestants from 30 to 13 will also be condensed to a one week section of the series before the contestants start to perform live in Los Angeles.

The focus of the series will be on the singers and their talent. Fans will see less sob stories about the contestants. An insider said the following, according to Ace Showbiz:

We don’t want to tug at the heartstrings where it’s, like, ‘Let’s feel bad and vote for this kid even though he can’t sing.’ We want great stories and great people.

Fans will also see singers perform more current songs on the series as well. These changes are set to bring back fans and create a fresh feel to the aging series. Will it be enough to bring back the viewers?

“American Idol” will premiere tonight on Fox.



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