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American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Brings Her Dream to Life


That was the word from the judges Wednesday on American  Idol after seeing Jessica Sanchez perform Billy Joel’s “Everybody has a Dream.”

Sanchez, 16, also received a standing ovation, nearly bringing rock star Steven  Tyler to tears.

“Jessica Sanchez, you’ve gone way past my judging,” said Tyler. “When God was  giving out vocal cords you [were] so at the front of the line,” he joked.

Tyler thanked Sanchez “for letting me hear you sing.”

Jennifer  Lopez, clad in a stunning fitted black shirt, tight leather skirt and apple  red lipstick, told Sanchez: “That song was written for you.”

“He [Billy Joel] wrote that song for you a long time ago,” Lopez said. “That  was your defining moment… defining song. I really feel that’s you.”

“You have this dream and you are here and you’re seizing the moment and you  are living it in every second,” she added. “We all get to feel that and that’s a  beautiful thing. Congratulations.”

Music producer Randy Jackson was exultant over Sanchez and said he was proud  that she was in the competition.

“What I’m loving [after] doing this show for 11 seasons… it takes consistency  to win,” said Jackson. “Every time you step up, every week, you have to have a  moment. You have a moment every time you get on that stage.”

Amid the thunderous applause by the audience, Jackson told Sanchez, “I loved  it.”

“You are flawless,” Jackson continued. “It was perfect.”

Sanchez was happy she got to sing that song in particular because she said  she relates to the message.

“I got to sing what I believe in,” Sanchez told host Ryan Seacrest minutes  after performing.

“I have a dream. This is my dream.”

Music and fashion moguls Sean “Diddy” Combs and Tommy  Hilfiger were in attendance to give advice. They too clearly were impressed  by Sanchez.

“Jessica, she has the ability to not only be a music icon but a fashion  icon,” Hillfiger said.

After meeting with Sanchez and seeing the ensemble the 16-year-old had chosen  for the evening, the fashion expert was quite pleased.

“The dress is very cool for you,” Hillfiger said. “I think the audience will  love it.”

Sanchez showed off a lacy, petite sleeveless dress and wavy hair.

Like Hillfiger, Diddy had no doubts that Sanchez will go far.

“Jessica is definitely a star,” he said.

Jackson expressed gratitude that Sanchez got mentored by the two icons.

“Diddy, Tommy, excellent mentoring, excellent style, excellent coaching,” Jackson said. “That was right on. That was perfection.”





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