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Amy Schumer Put Into Hospital Care For Severe Morning Sickness During Her Pregnancy

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has canceled her upcoming stand-up shows due to pregnancy complications.

The actress and comedian took to Instagram Thursday to reveal she is in the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness and vomiting. In her post, she apologized to her fans for missing the shows.

“Texas I am so deeply sorry. I have been really looking forward to these shows. I have to reschedule. I am in the hospital,” she wrote. “I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some (expletive)!”

She added, “I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story. I’ve been even more ill this trimester.”

Schumer isn’t the first high-profile mother-to-be to deal with the severe nausea. Britain’s Duchess Kate has also suffered from the same complication during her pregnancies.



By Sara M Moniuszko

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