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Anahí Partners With Yoko Ono For Non-Violence Project

We know what you’re thinking. Mexican pop star Anahí and legendary Beatle widow Yoko Ono seem like an odd pairing. But they both have legions of loyal fans and are hoping to get them involved in the Non-Violence Project.

Anahí and Ono have partnered up for the “Billion Faces For Peace” initiative, which encourages people to ditch their weapons and spread the word about non-violence. The program hopes to attract a billion volunteers worldwide, each of whom would send in a picture of themselves for a giant collage.

Yoko’s late husband, John Lennon, died as a result of gun violence and she’s made sure his pic is included in the mural too. So far, 3,000 people have joined the cause and Anahí is hoping to bump that number up significantly.

“Es muy importante para mí ser parte de esta gran causa,” she said. “Gracias a NVPMexico y Yoko Ono por invitarme.”

And as of right now, several other celebs have joined the campaign too. Stars like Paul McCartneyRingo Starr, and Bono have all lent their names and images to the project.



By Michael Lopez

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