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Anahí’s Anorexia Led To Cardiac Arrest

Mexican singer/actress Anahí recently shared some insight on the personal hell she went through during the five years she suffered from anorexia. The 28-year-old beauty recently went on a television show, Obsesión: Cuerpos Que Gritan, to explain how the disease ate away at her and her family.

At one point, Anahí weighed as little as 35 kilograms. That’s around 77 pounds! She eventually overcame her anorexia with the support of her friends and family, but it was not an easy journey. She struggled throughout the whole process, especially because of the high standards of beauty set in the entertainment industry. She saw it as normal, since women were expected to look beautiful every time they came out on television.

“Yo lo veía como algo normal porque había que estar muy bonitas para salir en la tele”, said the ex RBD.

Anahí said it was a gradual process, and she became accustomed to eating less and less until she became happy with her weight. She had no idea her body was crying out for help. Her body eventually gave out and she went into cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped for 8 seconds.

“No me daba cuenta de que mi cuerpo estaba gritando auxilio. Con el paso del tiempo, mi cuerpo ya no aceptaba alimento hasta que mi corazón se detuvo por ocho segundos”, confessed the star of Dos Hogares.

When she awoke and saw how devastated her parents were, she decided she had to stop doing this to herself. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, she beat the disease. Her battle with anorexia began when she was only 13. She had let herself get wrapped up in a lifestyle that made her obsessed with this impossible feat of being the ideal woman, and it was going to kill her one day.

Obsesión: Cuerpos Que Gritan is a television series focusing on various body image issues. The show will air on September 18th on the National Geographic Channel. Anahí hopes it will help others facing debilitating body image issues.



By Ikam Acosta



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