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Angelina Jolie Named Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo

Angelina  Jolie has long been a citizen of the world. And now she has the  honorary citizenship to prove it.

The actress and humanitarian has been celebrated by the capital of Bosnia,  after being named an honorary citizen as a result of the good she did while  filming her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, in the  nation last year.

Sarajevo authorities made the announcement today, saying that the 36-year-old  was being recognized for the stellar job she did maintaining “the truth about  the war” in Bosnia in her film.

Brad  Pitt‘s fiancée will be formally honored for her good deed in a  ceremony held in the capital city on May 3, though it’s unclear as yet whether  the star will attend the event.

What is clear is that the nation holds a dear place in her heart, as earlier  this year she broke down in tears onstage while her film premiered in the  war-torn nation.

“I care so deeply for all of you in this country,” she said at the time.  Clearly, the feeling is mutual.





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