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Anna Kendrick Loves Beyonce, A Little Too Much?

Anna Kendrick Loves Beyonce, A Little Too Much?

01_82_AR_0031.jpgAnna Kendrick clearly had a blast at the Grammys, and the after-parties, and she’s still glowing from the experience. During her visit to “Conan,” she was gushing about the experience, and one moment in particular.

A huge fan of Beyonce, Kendrick got the chance to meet “Queen Bey.” She put a picture of the two of them talking on Instagram with the caption, “Fangirl of the year.” When Conan O’Brien asked her about the heart on the picture, Kendrick said she didn’t add it. “That was just there,” she insisted.

“I feel like we’re either gonna be best friends, or she has a restraining order,” Kendrick said of Beyonce. “But … you gotta try.”

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by Jason Hughes



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