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Anna Kendrick Shares Her Experiences In Just Released Memoir ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’

Anna Kendrick Shares Her Experiences In Just Released Memoir 'Scrappy Little Nobody'

Anna Kendrick is no stranger to life in the spotlight.

From playing Bella’s jealous friend Jessica in the Twilight Saga, to starring alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air and eventually launching her musical career as Becca in Pitch Perfect, the actress has spent the better part of her life growing up on screen—and now she is ready to tell the world all about what that’s like.

In her new book Scrappy Little Nobody, out now, Anna talks about everything from her co-stars to dealing with reporters and even gives an insight into her plans for the future.

But before the public was able to get their hands on her tell all book, Anna sat down with E! News to give an exclusive interview about how she expects people to react to her book, and what it’s like to be labeled “the relatable one.”

“I think it’s good escapism for people looking for some amusement in dark times,” The Accountant star said, assuring us that there are embarrassing stories from every era of her life to keep fans laughing.

As for who you can expect to read about, Anna surprisingly dished on quite a few of her co-stars.

“I mention Chris Pine three times,” she said. “I love him so much.”

And Chris isn’t alone, as she also talks about working with Ben Affleck and Aubrey Plaza, as well as sharing a kiss with Orlando Bloom.

“I wish 15 year old me had realized I was making out with Legolas,” she joked as she talks about being careful with his face. “[I had to make sure I] didn’t permanently damage the money maker.”

The actress also dishes on working with Zac Efron, whom she compared to Charles Manson.

“I’m morbidly interested in Charles Manson,” she said. “I’ve always wondered what is it about Manson that was so charismatic? Then I met Zac and was like, ‘Oh, there it is.'”

“I’m glad [Zac] hasn’t asked me or anyone else to murder someone for him because I probably would,” she joked.

As for how she feels about her family learning about the less funny, intimate details of her real sex life, she’s got that covered.

“I sent my mom, my dad, and my brother copies that I put Post-It notes of where they should skip to, so that they didn’t see anything that would scar their brains,” she laughed. “I fully sent them special copies where I redacted certain chapters.”

With fans on the other hand, she’s still mentally preparing for that realization to hit.

“Anything that’s in the book I had to be pretty at least logically OK with anyone in the world being able to see it,” she said. “It’s one of those things that on paper I understand but I imagine that emotionally it will be a shock over and over.”

And if you’re worried that Anna is moving away from her comedic self and becoming super serious—don’t. Her dark sense of humor hasn’t gone anywhere, which she reminded us of when asked about why she doesn’t want to have kids.

“Well, if I have kids, it’s just another kid that your kid is going to have to fight when the water wars come,” the actress said. “The zombie apocalypse is coming, and with my genes, I don’t think that they’re going to last.”

“They’re just going to be food,” she laughed.

You can read all about Anna’s life and her trails of fame in Scrappy Little Nobody, out now.




By Jennifer Dill

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