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Antonio Banderas To Play Pablo Picasso

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso will be played by none other than the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas in the upcoming film 33 Days.

Banderas says,

“Picasso’s a character that has pursued me for a long time and I always rejected. He deserves a lot of respect because I am from Malaga, and I was born four blocks from where he was born. It has always fascinated me.”

As if these weren’t enough uncanny coincidences between both Picasso and Banderas, the 51 year old actor is around the same age as the Picasso was when he completed Guernica, a large mural commissioned by the Spanish government to represent Spain at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. Picasso’s Guernica drew attention to the suffering endured during the Spanish Civil War and quickly became an anti-war symbol.

The film 33 Days is a reference to the length of time it took Picasso to complete the oil painting. He created Guernica as a response to the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

The film will be directed by Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura and will begin filming in Spain and France in the summer of 2013. Saura previously made a film about the surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel, titled Buñuel y la Mesa Del Rey Salomón.



By Ikam Acosta



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