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Apple Making Strides To Fix ‘Effective Power’ Text Prank Bug That’s Causing iPhones to Crash

Apple Making Strides To Fix 'Effective Power' Text Prank Bug That's Causing iPhones to Crash

If your iPhone has been acting strangely lately, an iOS bug could be the problem.

On Wednesday, a Reddit user posted that he’d received a seemingly nonsensical text message that turned his phone off. And while this drew attention to the problem, it also spread it, as it allowed other people to send the “effective power” text message to other iPhones, causing them to automatically restart.

The message contains the words “effective power” followed by a string of non-English symbols.

According to Mashable, Apple is working on an update that should stop the problem.

And until that happens, people are encouraged not to send glitchy text messages with the hopes of restarting their friends’ iPhones as a joke.



By Drew Mackie



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