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Apple Shares Plans For New iPhone Every Year With A $32/Month Program

Apple Shares Plans For New iPhone Every Year With  A $32/Month Program

The iPhone Upgrade Program is a new program that gives you a new iPhone every year, with AppleCare+ for just $32 a month for two years. Keeping paying and you keep getting new phones and service coverage. This option is available in US Apple Stores to start with more countries coming soon.

The service is starting in US but rolling out to other countries soon. You get to pick your carrier and includes AppleCare+ for service repair. From just $32 a month, you get a new iPhone every year. The entire subscription is managed by Apple, not your carrier. You pay Apple and only Apple.

If you are a customer in the US, you’ll be able to get the brand new iPhone 6s on these monthly contract plan. Other regions will have to wait a bit longer — Apple says it is rolling out to more countries soon. Obviously, typical buying options will be available worldwide for the new phones.

Find more details on Apple’s website 




by Benjamin Mayo

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