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Archie Comics Get A Spanish Touch

After 70 years, it looks like Riverdale’s most famous citizen will finally start speaking español. This past week, executives at Archie Comics announced that they will be releasing online versions of the popular high school comic in Spanish, with hopes of reaching an expanded audience.

“I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while,” Jon Goldwater, co-chief executive of Archie Comics, told the New York Times. “When you talk about globalizing through digital, you can’t really do that if you’re only in English.”

Still a popular presence in the comic book world, the Archie website receives over 15 million hits per month. Focusing on the lives of teens at fictional Riverdale High, stories typically revolve around finals, football games, and the tug-of-war romance between lead character Archie Andrews and his lady loves Betty and Veronica.

Proving that they have definitely kept up with the times, Archie’s most recent plots have included the addition of an openly gay character and the death of a beloved teacher. As Goldwater put it,

“I want to make these [stories] as accessible as possible.”

One other key way Archie has become more accessible is with digital editions of each issue. Now readers can catch up with Riverdale slacker Jughead just as easily on their iPad as they can at the magazine stand. And Goldwater was quick to point out that the español versions will include retelling of some of Archie’s most famous story lines (including the legendary “wedding” issue).

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By Michael Lopez



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