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Are you sure your Wi-Fi is as reliable and strong as it could be? Make sure with these tips


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the internet has helped our homes double as movie theaters, doctors’ offices, schools, and workplaces. Many times, it even provides the only way to communicate with many family members. That is why a reliable Wi-Fi connection has become an essential feature for all homes.

Paying for your internet service is not enough. There are several steps you can take to get optimal Wi-Fi connection. Here are a few tips:

1.Location. Location. Location:


The location of the internet devices can affect the path that the Wi-Fi signal travels within the home. For the strongest connection with the longest range, it’s best to place the modem and router in a central and elevated location. These devices must be treated like a lamp; you would never place it under the stairs, on the floor, or anywhere low and hidden.

It is also not recommended to place your router close to a window as part of the signal would be wasted going out to the street.

2. Coverage is key

Many times, the range of the router is not strong enough to cover the entire house or reach the yard or garage. To solve that issue, there are very easy-to-use devices that extend the Wi-Fi network. Xfinity also just launched the second generation xFi Pods which only need to be plugged into an outlet near the area where the signal is not as strong and voilá; “deadspots”, or places without Wi-Fi connection, are eliminated.

3. The Wi-Fi equipmentmust be rebooted from time to time

Like a mobile phone or laptop, routers and modems need to update their software. There is not much you need to do except for simply restarting them from time to time and the updates will happen by themselves. You can simply unplug the device, wait a full minute, and just plug it back in. Try this immediately if your internet is acting slow before you call your provider.

4. How many devices are connected? 

Many appliances and devices come with an internet connection. From vacuum cleaners and air friers to virtual assistants, when too many of these are on the Wi-Fi, they could slow down the connection of your computers or TV.

You can try to keep these added appliances unplugged, but some internet providers offer a way to control this and more aspects of the internet. For example, Xfinity Internet comes with a free app called xFi which allows you to see absolutely all the people and devices connected to your Wi-Fi at any given moment. xFi, which is also available in Spanish and is free for Xfinity users, also allows you to pause the internet connection of specific people. For example, parents can disconnect their children when bedtime starts without having to turn off the internet for the entire house.

5. Direct cable connections

Wi-Fi technology has developed very strong ways to connect in recent years, so the difference between a wired and a wireless connection is negligible… most of the time. If you can connect certain devices directly to the modem, especially if they use a lot of data (like video game consoles and computers) not only is their connection going to be more reliable, but you will also free up more Wi-Fi signal for the rest of the house.

6. Check the connections

The simplest advice can also be the most important. A loose cable connection can cause all kinds of problems. Make sure to check that all the cables to the modem and router are secure and tight.


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