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Argentina To Hold Massive Beatles Auction

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Did you know that one of the largest private collectors of Beatles souvenirs lives in Argentina? Yup, multi-millionaire Raul Blisniuk holds the Guinness Record for owning the most Fab Four memorabilia in South America. And now he’s ready to sell off some of his rarities at a Buenos Aires auction.

“My passion for The Beatles comes from childhood,” Raul said. “I grew up with Beatlemania and I’m a Beatles fanatic. I came from a poor family so my dad couldn’t afford the records, but over time, I started saving newspaper clippings, magazines, and my collection grew.”

Bilsniuk actually began nabbing Beatles trinkets at the age of the 13 and as his wealth grew (he currently owns Banco Ciudad), so did his collection. For the auction, he’ll be selling off prime merchandise like signed instruments and drawings from John Lennon.

To help promote the event, Raul hired Argentina’s most famous Beatles cover band, Danger Four, to perform for the press. Bilsniuk seemed very pleased with the response and expects a lot of rich fans to “Come Together” and bid.



By Michael Lopez



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