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Argentine Woman Accused Of Leaking Scenes From New ‘Twilight’ Movie

Robert Pattinson fans recently got a taste of the Twilight Holy Grail when footage from the film Breaking Dawn leaked online. Obviously the studio behind the movie is not happy about it and they’ve accused a 24-year-old Argentine girl of being the culprit.

Summit Entertainment, which produces the Twilight film series, has filed a lawsuit against Daiana Santia and her parents after they traced the leak to her computer. They claim that she hacked into a secure server and stole private images, scenes, and artwork from Dawn, which is set to hit theaters this November.

Part of the reason that the studio’s so guarded about this particular Twilightflick is because it is the final film in the series and, obviously, is chock full of spoilers. Not surprisingly, Santia is denying any wrongdoing and plans to fight the charges.

“I couldn’t do it again even if I wanted to,” Daiana said. “You enter [the site] by navigating, entering by different links. I only saw it, I didn’t distribute it like they say.”



By Michael Lopez



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