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Artist Star Jean Dujardin’s New Film Poster Too Sexy for France

We didn’t think anything was too provocative for the French, but we  were wrong.

It seems like Jean Dujardin‘s promotional poster for his  latest film The Players, or Les Infideles, about male  infidelity (in case you didn’t get that already) is getting some heat from his  home country of France for being too risqué.

Here’s why…

You might be able to draw your own conclusions from the photo, but The Hollywood Reporter states that many argue  Dujardin’s compromising positions in the posters are degrading to women.

In the billboard example shown here, the SAG Award winner is holding a  woman’s legs in the air underneath a tag line that reads, “I’m going to a  meeting.” Other billboard ads include taglines such as, “It’s going to cut out.  I’m entering a tunnel” above a photo of director and actor Gilles  Lellouche as a woman appears to be performing fellatio.

Yikes! Did it just get really hot and uncomfortable in here  or what?

Last night, Studio Cine Live‘s editor Fabrice Leclerc tweeted, “The  campaign for the film The Players with #JeanDujardin will be taken down  due to complaints.”

Head of the ARPP, France’s authority for the professional regulation of  advertising, Stephane Martin will make the final decision as to whether or not  the ads will be taken down, and told French newspaper Le Parisien, “We  already feel that this campaign is against the rules, even if it relates to the  subject of the film, a comedy about adultery. As a preventative measure, we’ve  already counseled JC Decaux, who are in charge of the billboards, to take them  down.”

Are these ads pushing the limit? Let us know your opinion in the  comments!






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