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Ashley Graham Bares It All For ‘V Magazine’ Because Beauty Isn’t Dependent On Others’ Body Image Preferences

Plus sized model Ashley Graham

Famous supermodel and hero for plus-sized women, Ashley Graham was recently brought in to feature in a photo shoot for V Magazine in which she stripped totally naked. The bold model has showed the world she is not reluctant to show off her body and completely owns it. In the interview she gave to the magazine, she discussed her personal experiences with cellulite and shared how her mother made it a nonissue for her.

The 29 year old model thinks that nobody can define her worth on the basis her body and she has learned that outlook from her mother when she was a child.

“If women like you and me continue to preach that, then I feel like younger girls are going to grasp it and they’re going to be like, “Who cares!”, she said. She hoped that her photo shoot will cast a positive impact on the young minds and they too will they will be like “Who cares!”

She was in middle school when she first time saw the signs of cellulite on her body and discussed it with her mother saying that it was “disgusting”. In the reply of her question, her mother pulled off her pants and said, “Look, I have them too”. She didn’t tell her whether they looked ugly or not. However, her response made it non-issue for her.

According to Graham’s views, young girls must own their bodies with confidence and shouldn’t bother to the comments of others. Things life “You are fat” or “You are ugly” are some comments which every fat girl including me have to bear. But, when you gain confidence in your personality then you become an example for others too.

In the photo shoot the plus size model stripped completely naked and just wearing a sheer netted top over her while in another photo you can see her showing off her butt and laying on the floor. Her facial expressions portray her confidence on her body while her determination for changing the perception of plus size is visible. The model also termed social media a great platform for learning new things and encouraged adults to find people like them on social media if they failed to find in their surroundings.

The readers of the V-magazine appreciated her efforts while her photo shoot went viral on social media. And the masses have also voiced their support of her points and appreciate the excellent way to tackle body shaming issue.



by Monica W.

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