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Ashley Hebert Says Goodbye to a Frontrunner on The Bachelorette

Say what you will about Ashley Hebert, but this is one Bachelorette who doesn’t mess around.

Once again breaking from the formula of so many Bachelor andBachelorette seasons past, Ashley skips the cocktail party in order to cut to the chase at the rose ceremony. 
But one of her suitors doesn’t even get that much time. While in Taiwan, Ashley says goodbye to one of the men during his date. Who booked that early flight home? Keep reading to find out:

Despite a general distaste for his happy-go-lucky personality among the other guys, Ryan seemed like he had a good chance at going far in the process with Ashley.

But as he happily chattered away on his one-on-one date, Ashley looked about as interested in Ryan as she was in anyone who wasn’t named Bentley a few weeks back. So instead of leading him on until the rose ceremony, she let him go mid-date.

Though Ashley describes him as her “perfect guy” on paper, “I’m just not feeling it,” she tells him. “I respect you so much that I don’t want to put you through the rose ceremony.”

“I felt like she was the one for me,” a gobsmacked Ryan says to the camera. “I didn’t see it coming.”

Elsewhere in Taiwan, Ashley goes on one-on-one dates with Constantine and Ben (who both get roses in the end). And in keeping with this season’s ill-advised group date (first it was a comedy club roast, then Thai boxing, and, now, premature wedding photos) she goes on a group date with J.P., Ames and Lucas. J.P. gets the single rose up for grabs on that date.

Finally, after forgoing the late-episode cocktail party, Ashley goes into the rose ceremony and says goodbye to Lucas, saying there wasn’t a “super, super romantic connection between us.”






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