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Ashton Kutcher’s Palatial Two and a Half Men Trailer

Two and a half men? You could fit a dozen times that many people into Ashton Kutcher‘s enormous, luxurious trailer that he’ll reportedly use while filming CBS’s Two and a Half Men this season.

More than 1,000 square feet? Check. Seven 60-inch, 3-D plasma TVs? Check. Two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite counter tops, a conference area? Check, check, check. 
And the network will be writing some serious checks, too – $8,750 a week – to rent the palace-on-wheels for its new star, 33, who replaces Charlie Sheenon the top-rated sitcom, reports London’s Daily Mail.
The trailer, which recalls the double-decker monstrosity that Will Smithparked in New York while filming Men in Black III, has side sections and a second floor that hydraulically emerge from vehicle’s main body, as well as a wireless touch screen that controls heat, air conditioning, brightness and the blinds.

If the rent seems exorbitant, check out the purchase price for one of these babies – upwards of $2 million.

Of course, if Kutcher grows fond of his new digs, he may be well positioned to spring for one. His salary for Two and a Half Men will reportedly approach $1 million per episode for 26 episodes.






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