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Azealia Banks Calls Out Lil’ Kim

Azealia Banks Calls Out Lil' Kim


What’s the deal with all the new females emcees going at Lil’ Kim? First it was Nicki Minaj taking shots at the once self-proclaimed “Queen Bee”, and now it’s up and coming Harlem rapper Azealia Banks. But unlike Nicki Minaj, Banks isn’t waiting to put out a diss record; she’s battling via Twitter.

After previously showing much admiration for the one-time Biggie Smalls protégé, Banks sent out a series of tweets calling out Lil’ Kim, after a supposedly planned collaboration went south.

You can read the tweets off Banks’s Twitter feed, but basically the beef stems from a tweet Banks sent, claiming that she had written a verse for Lil’ Kim, to speed up the whole recording process because “everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps”.

According to Banks, she was then contacted by Lil’ Kim’s assistant refuting the claim, which lead her to proceed with her twitter rant.

The old Lil’ Kim may have been persuaded to shoot back at the young emcee, but rather than add fuel to the fire, her team issued a statement totally dismissing Banks, saying the two female rappers have “NEVER spoke to one another or met AT ALL.”

Banks completely disregarded the statement and continued to tweet, sticking to her claim that Lil’ Kim’s “team told me to write the verse for her.”

Enough with the “Tweefing” [tweeting + beefing] already!

Who do you think would win in a rap battle, Azealia Banks or Lil’ Kim?

By Omar Paredes

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