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Bachelorette Blog: Ashley Dishes on Her ‘Best First Date’ Ever

And the kissing begins!

Right off the bat, I wanted to see how well the guys could handle themselves in a city of temptation, so I took them to Las Vegas! There is an energy about that city that like no other place in the world. I knew the guys wouldn’t expect to leave the mansion so quickly, and I looked forward to surprising them with this trip.

To this day, I will still say that my date with William was the best first date I have ever been on. At first glance, he is a handsome, charming, funny guy, but on the other hand, he has a lot of depth to him and has been through a lot. Our date was just that – a mixture of fun and depth. On top of that, he actually was about to go through with the marriage – on the first date! – so I knew he was a keeper. The best moment of the night for me was being able to relate to William’s story about his father, and then celebrating that connection with the Bellagio fountains going off. What a magical moment!

Performing with the Jabbawockeez was one of my favorite moments throughout this entire season, but probably not for the reason you would think. First, these dancers are not only incredibly talented, but they were the nicest people I’ve ever met. I will certainly be back to watch their show and support them. Going into this date, I was not sure how the guys were going to react to dancing on stage. At first, they didn’t seem entirely into the idea. But after we started working with the Jabbawockeez on the actual performance, the guys took on a whole different attitude about dancing. To see the guys after the performance feel such accomplishment and adrenaline was so exciting. I was happy to share that moment with them. On top of that, they looked like they were a part of the actual Jabbawockeez. Great job, guys!

I love the idea of the coin toss and how it led to my first date with Mickey and my first kiss with JP. I was suspecting that JP walked into the cocktail party with a double-sided coin. Regardless, I knew that whichever way the coin landed, I would be happy with the outcome because both of these men are exceptional.

In closing, I want to say that I learn so much about these men from watching the episodes – the good, the bad and the ugly. The most important thing I told myself from the start was that I would always be open with the way I feel, even if there was the potential to be hurt. I said that I wouldn’t want to look back with regrets. Even as I cringe through some of the things that Bentley said throughout filming, I wouldn’t change the way I was, because in that moment it was the way I felt. Everyone is responsible for their own honesty and accountability – and if he wasn’t willing to give me at least that, he is in the wrong. No regrets!



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