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Bad Omen Alert: Russell Brand Removes Wedding Ring on Camera


Timing is everything.

And while a pre-divorce filing Russell  Brand was obviously joking around last November when he giddily  made a show of removing his wedding ring on camera in advance of his tour of colleges, we’re  guessing that’s one joke he regrets putting on tape.

And if he doesn’t regret it, we’re guessing Katy  Perry does.

In a YouTube video filmed on Nov. 14, right before he began a  weeklong  university tour, the comedian jokingly took pains to remove his  wedding band  and hint at potentially lascivious travels before hitting  the road.

Part and parcel with his comedic shtick? Definitely. A good idea in   hindsight, given that rumors of straying on both sides have creeped up  in the  wake of his and Perry’s divorce announcement? Definitely not.

“I don’t know what a sorority is, except for what I have seen on Nudevista—that they are sort of sex clubs for women,” he said, smiling,   and  removing his wedding ring.

“I’m just going to place this somewhere very, very safe for the next  week.”

Well, we may have lost a Katy Perry appearance this week, but   Russell’s unearthed screen time  will no doubt make fans forget all about   that.






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