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‘Batman’ Crimefighter Takes Brazil By Storm

Forget The Dark Knight Rises. If you want a taste of Batman right now, just head down Taubate, Brazil. That’s where resident Andre Luiz Pinheiro has been fighting crime in a real caped crusader outfit!

Interestingly, Pinheiro is actually a retired cop. Not content to rest on his laurels, the 50-year-old crimefighter purchased his own rubber Batman costume and began taking to the streets to help nab local crooks.

After seeing the pictures online, we have to admit that Andre is a dead ringer for Christian Bale. From the black cowl, to the glossy utility belt, he seems to have all of the elements a DC superhero would need (other than a sleek, fiery Batmobile).

Though it may seem like a gag, Pinheiro takes his role very seriously and has the full cooperation of the Brazilian police force. He claims his main reason for the “Bat” movement is to educate children about the differences between good and evil.

Let’s just hope no clown-faced “jokers” get in his way.


By Michael Lopez



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