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Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb in a Coma

Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb in a Coma


Mere months after Robin Gibb declared himself “in remission” from colon cancer that had  reportedly spread to his liver, the Bee Gees tenor is  fighting for his life yet again.

The 62-year-old disco icon is reportedly in a coma after contracting  pneumonia, according to his website.

“Sadly the reports are true that Robin has contracted pneumonia and is in a  coma,” says a message on the homepage. “We are all hoping and  praying that he will pull through.”

While specific details regarding Gibb’s condition are being kept under wraps  (rumors that doctors found a secondary tumor are unconfirmed), sources told the U.K. Sun that the “Stayin’ Alive” songster is very  ill and his family is keeping vigil at his bedside in a London hospital.

News of Gibb’s latest health scare comes just a few weeks after he underwent emergency surgery March 26 to remove a “blood clot that  caused perforation.” It was a procedure that followed an earlier operation for a  twisted intestine, and was said to be unrelated to his recent battles with  cancer.

Prior to the surgery, Gibb had hoped to be well enough to attend the London  premiere of his first classical work, Titanic Requiem, Tuesday,  but his condition prevented him from attending.

Gibb’s son, Robin-John Gibb, read a message to the audience  at the event and revealed that his father was still in the hospital.

“He sends all his love,” Robin-John said before the performance began. “We  are all praying for him and hoping he has a speedy recovery.”

Despite his many health scares, Gibb had remained in high spirits regarding  his health, telling BBC Radio 2 in February he had made a “spectacular” recovery from a serious illness (he didn’t  specify the malady).

“Well, it’s all simple,” Gibb said. “I was diagnosed with a growth in my  colon. It was removed. And I’ve been treated for that by a brilliant doctor, and  in their words ‘the results have been spectacular.'”

“[The growth in my colon] is almost gone and I feel fantastic,” Gibb  continued. “Really from now on, it’s just what they could describe as a  ‘mopping-up’ operation. I am very active and my sense of well-being is  good.”

According to the Daily Mail, however, Gibb continued to have issues  with a twisted bowel, which was thought to have led to his hospitalization last  month.

Gibb’s rep had no comment on his current condition.



—Reporting by Marcus Mulick



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