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Ben Kingsley Might Play Villain In ‘Iron Man 3’

Ben Kingsley Might Play Villain In 'Iron Man 3'


Ben Kingsley is considering a villain role in the next Iron Man movie, but it is still unsure whether he will play the primary villain or whether the villain he will be portraying is the same character that appears in the classic comic book story.

Rumor has it that Kingsley is negotiating to play the Mandarin, a classic Iron Man villain. However, the character has to be modified to be appropriate for today’s silver screen. The Mandarin was originally conceived to be a Chinese ruler who worked with the communists, an appropriate character for 1963. However, today is a different era, and with China being one of the world’s biggest film markets, the 1963 portrayal of the Mandarin might not be considered screen-friendly.

Some insiders are also saying that the Mandarin’s character traits might be reconfigured to include more modern elements, such as nanobots. The villain’s traits might be merged with a nano technological virus, as seen in a story titled ‘Extremis,’ but that is still in the works.

Another element that might be changed in the Mandarin character is the source of his power. In the comics, his power source was from 10 alien rings. Since Green Lantern‘s character from rival comic company DC Comics had an alien ring as a power source, Marvel might want to switch this up as well.



By Ikam Acosta



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