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This New Smartphone Is Not Just Bendable But Wearable As Well

This New Smartphone Is Not  Just Bendable But Wearable As Well

Remember slap bracelets? Well it looks like they might have been the inspiration behind the latest tech trick that Lenovo has whipped up: a completely bendable phone.

With smartphones increasing in size and our posture changing shape as a result of the time we spend on them, having an alternative way to hang on to them makes a certain amount of sense. At least that’s the future that Lenovo was pitching at the World Tech Conference in San Francisco.

Enlisting the help of YouTube star Meghan McCarthy, what appeared to be a normal smartphone was quickly snapped onto the users wrist, with the device featuring a bendable screen, as well as flexible hardware components like the circuitry and battery.

But that wasn’t all. McCarthy also showed off a tablet she was able to bend in half to show how the device could also be comfortably used to take a phone call.

Lenovo’s flexible phone is reportedly named the C-Plus, while the phablet is called the Folio. Unfortunately, release dates for its new electronics have not been announced, though with Samsung’s recent bendy announcement it looks like bendable phones will be happening. It remains to be seen if this is really anything more than a gimmick, but even if this never really catches on, you have to admit this is a cool bit of engineering and one neat party trick.



By Conor Allison



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