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Benedict Cumberbatch Signs On To Voice The Grinch In Animated Remake

Benedict Cumberbatch Signs On To Voice The Grinch In Animated Remake

Well here’s something no-one expected. Hot on the heels of the first trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch’s superhero spectacular Doctor Strange comes the news that the actor is soon to play another iconic hand-drawn character.

But this time he’s green.

Yes, that’s right – Cumberbatch has been unveiled as the voice of classic Christmas-pilfering antihero The Grinch, the most famous creation of beloved children’s author Dr Seuss and the subject of various TV and film adaptations including the classic 1966 version How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the less-loved Ron Howard take (starring an unsettlingly furred-up Jim Carrey) from 2000.

The announcement was made yesterday at industry showcase CinemaCon (along with the news that the upcoming animated movie will be directed by Pete Candeland and Yarrow Cheney for a November 2017 release), and it’s all very exciting for fans of Cumberbatch voice-action, aka anyone with ears and a heart.

Though if we are looking at his past work for hints about how he’ll sound, only time can tell if the new Grinch will be closer to Cumberbatch’s suave dragon Smaug (as seen in the Hobbit films) or clipped Arctic Wolf Agent Classified (as seen in Penguins of Madagascar).

Until we get our hands on a clip or trailer, we supposed we’ll be puzzling and puzzling ‘til our puzzlers are sore.



By Huw Fullerton



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