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Betting On Zero: The Documentary That Herbalife Does Not Want You To See

Herbalife Exposé Documentary BETTING ON ZERO Coming to Theaters March 10th

Few times in the history of Wall Street there has been a pitched battle between the shareholders of a large company such as Herbalife. On the one hand, executives of the formidable company that produces exclusive nutritional supplements, led by former Disney president Michael O. Johnson and the other, Bill Ackman, president of Pershing Square Capital, a company that has bet one billion Dollars in share capital to which the company will end up self-destructing, something that would happen, would leave succulent profits.

In December 2012, Ackman made a public presentation in which she accused Herbalife of operating with a pyramid structure, a type of business that is prohibited by law and in which only a few benefit, while those who are convinced that Have found a way to get rich quickly they end up losing all their money. From that moment, both sides tried to convince the shareholders, participants and general public that they were right by all means available. The battle intensified when, on the one hand, billionaire Carl Icahn invested a large sum of money in Herbalife simply as a way of expressing his disdain for Ackman, and on the other, when a group of victims of the company’s practices belonging to the Latino community began a major trial trying to recoup what they had lost by investing in nutrition clubs, locals offering liquids and Herbalife products but which can not be promoted publicly and where the goal is not to sell but to try to convince customers of That eventually open their own clubs. The debate finally convinced Federal Trade Commission officials that they had to intervene, prompting Herbalife to commit to paying $ 200 million and substantially altering the company’s sales structure.

This Friday, “Betting on Zero,” a documentary that accurately analyzes the commercial, legal and public relations battle that has shocked the country, led by the prestigious Ted Braun, presents under a lens Objective to all involved. The filmmaker, whose previous film, “Darfur Now,” won the Image Award and the National Board of Review, as well as nominating Critics Choice, Eddie and Satellite, interviewed Ackman on numerous occasions, And numerous prestigious observers, attended meetings and assemblies, and did not obtain the direct testimony of Herbalife representatives, used numerous newspaper interviews and public presentations to shape the position of the company. With an intense rhythm, a dynamic montage and a thriller structure, “Betting on Zero” tries to get the viewer to have all the elements to understand, analyze and evaluate all those involved and their interests, so it is worth mentioning that Herbalife has Done everything possible to prevent its realization. The film, which should be seen and supported by the Latino community, has already won the Audience Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival and has been nominated at the Tribeca and Montclair Festivals in the documentary category.






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