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Beyoncé Launches New Activewear Line ‘Ivy Park’

Beyoncé Launches New Activewear Line ‘Ivy Park’

Wearing Beyoncé’s new athleisure line, Ivy Park, while you work out will not make you actually look like Beyoncé while working out, sadly, but it will make for a great Instagram (“I worked out like this,” etc.) and could make you feel a little bit more like a Beyoncé, which, of course, is all any of us could wish for a clothing item to provide.

Yes, Beyoncé has released an activewear line. It’s called Ivy Park, and it’s a collaboration with Topshop (two years ago, the two entities—Beyoncé and Topshop—formed a “50-50 joint venture company,” under which the brand is produced). The collection—several pieces of which Beyoncé is wearing herself in the images accompanying today’s launchwill be sold in 50 countries at 12 different retail chains. Per, Ivy Park will be comprised of 200 pieces, a mixture of sports bras, leggings, print jackets, bodysuits, varsity socks, and more. (Prices will range from $30 to $200.)

Beyoncé released a short video to promote the collection (which she is also wearing on the cover of this month’s issue of Elle), in which she stands in the rain, opens a window, stretches, runs on a treadmill, jumps rope, and otherwise looks perfect and glowing like no person you have seen in your gym or anywhere else. She talks about the park she ran in when she was younger, and uses it as a metaphor for her current life: “Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park. When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park. The park became a state of mine. The park became my strength,” before asking, “Where’s your park?”—to which our answer, uh, may have been: “The closest thing I have to park is probably . . . scrolling through Beyoncé’s Instagram account?”



By Josh Duboff

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