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Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By Fan, And Calms Security To talk to Him

Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By Fan, And Calms Security To talk to Him


The Queen B, resplendent in a bright blue sequined jumpsuit, was belting out “Irreplaceable” on a small platform before a tightly packed crowd when she bent over to serenade the front row. Seemingly overcome by proximity to his idol, a shirtless male audience member took that as his cue to jump up, throw his arms around Bey and try to yank her offstage.

 The swiftness of his actions, and the force with which he grabbed her, are alarming to see. Thankfully, Beyoncé’s security ran onstage and quickly extricated her from the bear hug. Professional that she is, the chanteuse carried on singing as if a stranger hadn’t just assaulted her.

 Beyoncé didn’t let the incident go, however. A few minutes later, as bodyguards hauled the fan out, she urged calm, saying, “It’s all right. It’s all right.” She even bent down to shake his hand before asking his name and responding in kind when he declared his love for her.

 She then told the crowd, “I love you all.”

 This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has demonstrated her preternatural professionalism on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. During a performance of “Irreplaceable” in Copenhagen back in May, she chastised a fan who slapped her butt but barely missed a beat. Two months later, she kept right on singing as her hair became entangled in the blades of a stage fan.


Source: MSN



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