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The Biebs Takes A Moment To Share That He Really Doesn’t Want The Sh** You Throw On stage

The Biebs Takes A Moment To Share That He Really Doesn’t Want The Sh** You Throw On stage

After cancelling all of his tour meet and greets and throwing a fans gift out the window of a car, it’s becoming clear than Justin Bieber finds most of his fans a little bit annoying and this latest rant at a fan who threw a hat on stage proves that further.

The Biebs was right in the middle of an inspirational speech during a show in New Jersey about the purpose (yes, that’s his album title) of life, when a fan chucked a hat on-stage which was probably meant as a gift for Bieber.

He didn’t see it that way though, instead simply seeing it as a road block in his train of thought sparking him to tell the fan, “if we could take this moment to listen and try not to give me a hat or whatever you’re trying to throw on stage right now because I probably don’t want that shit.”

He did apologise promptly though probably realising that he’d just shattered a Beliebers world into pieces saying, “sorry that was mean”.

“But yeah, now I lost what I was going to say. I was deep into, like, a mode and a zone. I was in it. Now I’m out of it. I’ll get it back. Just give me a second.”

Lucky for Bieber he managed to pick up where he left off and continue to inspire his fans with his speech centered around the idea that, “we all have a purpose.”

After he was finished he apologized again to the fan for throwing the hat off stage but concluded, “you ruined the moment.”

He then launched into his mighty ballad Purpose, effortlessly putting the fact that he just broke a fans heart right behind him.



by Sam Murphy



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