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Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie Reportedly Starting Production

Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie Reportedly Starting Production

Rumors of a Big Lebowski sequel have been circulating for years, mostly by hopeful fans, who may finally be somewhat sated by news of a spin-off.

Except that it won’t be The Dude who’ll be making a comeback, but — wait for it — Jesus Quintana, in all his purple, lecherous glory.

John Turturro, who played the character in the original comedy, has long spitballed the idea of a return to the cocky bowler. The actor, who currently stars in HBO’s The Night Of, is directing a film called Going Places. According to Birth.Movies.Death, the movie isn’t just a remake of 1974 French comedy Les Valseuses, which tells the story of two crooks who attempt to seduce a woman who has never had an orgasm before, it will also mark the return of the Jesus character.

There’s no word on whether or not the Coen Brothers have given Turturro their blessing, but the movie-making brothers, who wrote and directed the 1998 comedy, said earlier this year to Variety that they have no plans to revive The Big Lebowski.

However, Jeff Bridges, the eponymous Dude, has said in the past that he would be interested in “a little cameo” if ever the opportunity came up. Paging Jesus.

Consider it the second coming.



by Sadaf Ahsan



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