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Bobby Brown Refuses To Remove Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown From Life Support

Bobby Brown Refuses To Remove Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown From Life Support

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in her bath tub on January 31st and has remained on life support and in a medically induced coma since the drowning, nearly two months ago. Despite the fact that the daughter of Whitney Houston’s status has remained unchanged, and doctors reportedly informed her family the odds of her waking up are slim to none, her father Bobby Brown is confident that Bobbi Kristina will make a miraculous recovery.

Bobby Brown visited his daughter Bobbi Kristina this week at DeKalb Medical, a Long Term Acute Care facility in Atlanta, George – and TMZ obtained photos of the hopeful father leaving after the visit. Bobbi Kristina was at Emory University Hospital for several weeks – but this month they transferred her to DeKalb and informed her family her status had not improved, and there was nothing else they could do medically for her.

According to reports, Bobby Brown was given a choice by the hospital – take his daughter off from life-support or transfer her to a different facility more suited for her condition. Cissy Houston and Pat Houston traveled last week to Atlanta for a family meeting with Bobby – and they pressured him to take Bobbi Kristina off life-support and let her pass away peacefully instead of transferring her to another facility and dragging this nightmare out any longer than necessary.

Bobby Brown refused to be bullied by Cissy and Pat Houston though, and remained hopeful that his daughter may still wake up one day. Cissy and Pat Houston could have ulterior motives when it comes to Bobbi Kristina, who has a $20 Million inheritance hanging over her head, from her late mother Whitney Houston. If Bobbi Kristina dies, the money and property is willed to Cissy and her sons, one of which is married Pat who is the executor of the will.

Bobbi’s stay at Emory University has already racked up massive medical bills, and Cissy and Pat’s potential windfall inheritance is rapidly dwindling. If Bobby Brown had taken Bobbi off from life-support, Cissy and Pat would have finally been able to cash in on what was left of the money after hospital bills. But, by transferring her to DeKalb for long term, Cissy and Pay Houston might as well kiss what was left of theirinheritance goodbye.



by Amanda Austin

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