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Bocatabú released their video “Bang Bang” on Terra.com

Bocatabú released on Thursday March 15 his second video “Bang Bang”. Bocatabú debut ‘Bang Bang’ on Terra.com

Terra.com Bocatabú and invite you to participate and vote for him tomorrow.

The second promotional video Bocatabú “Bang Bang” was directed by Gabo Guzman as two locations were chosen scenario, the performance was recorded on the outskirts of the city of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and the part of the story Highway Bani (Dominican Republic), original art scene on the disc.

“Bang Bang” was the song that placed the band as a fan favorite among the public of its kind in the country. He held the first radial positions and was “Song of the Year” and “Song # 1 From Local Rock” on the radio most important rock scene of the Dominican Republic.

Today can be heard on commercial radio and student in different parts of the United States such as California, Texas, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, Chicago, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, among others.

As explained in the band … ‘ the video is a conceptualization of that feeling of “bombing” to which we subordinate a loved one at some point in our lives. Try as those shackles of the past keep us walking backwards and all that we miss by blind us to what we could present in front.

The message changes when rid of that pain and running forward. That life is responsible for providing us with different opportunities that are slowly healing the soul and somehow change our lives’.

Bocatabú decided to leave a lasting enthusiasm of his fans during his performance and that is why they included in “Bang Bang” the participation of a group of contest winners who were selected to form part of the video.

Bocatabú is now appearing at the Quisqueya Stadium where they will be the counterpart of the Mana concert in the Dominican Republic, a full house with more than 20,000 people.

The Dominican pop rock band continues to promote the album ‘Virgin Stories’ in different parts of mainland Mexico to be your next stop where his music is now standing as a favorite among fans of pop rock in the Aztec territory.

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