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Bradley Cooper Heads To Work At Burger King

Bradley Cooper Heads To Work At Burger King 2
What some stars won’t do for a role! Proving that he’s a true professional who’s ready to completely immerse in his work, American actor Bradley Cooper actually went down to a fast food restaurant and got a job flipping burgers just to prepare for a movie role.

“The Hangover” hunk was seen on Sunday evening at the Burger King restaurant in Leicester Square in London learning how to flip burgers and cook fries. Later, it was revealed that this entire routine was part of his preparation for a new movie.

Customers who came in to get their burger fix were reportedly left wide-eyed and slack-jawed when they saw that a major Hollywood actor took their order and then served them their whoppers like it was business as usual.

A source disclosed to The Sun newspaper that “Bradley was training alongside genuine Burger King staff. The aim was to learn the ‘art of the flip’ which he nailed fairly quickly.”

The source also praised the actor for keeping a low profile and doing the job very well right from the start, “There was no real fanfare from him. You’d never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people.”

All of this was done in preparation for a new movie role, by the title of “Adam Jones.” In this film, Bradley is required to play a chef and, from the looks of things, that chef starts his career with flipping burgers.

Additional information about the film project reveals that the plot revolves around this Adam Jones chef who struggles to put together “a dream team” and set the basis of the best restaurant in the business. Apart from Cooper, the movie will also star Emma Thompson and Jamie Dornan, the actor you’re going to be gushing over in the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie adaptation.

Apart from flipping burgers at Burger King on a quiet Sunday night, Cooper also made new friends to prepare for the new movie. Among them is famed British chef Gordon Ramsey, a man whose wrath is well known to audiences and is often directed at kitchen staff along with a string of obscenities.

Ramsey is said to have taken the trainee chef Cooper along with him on a tour of his swanky restaurants to show him the insides of the business. Gordon bragged to the press that he wasn’t only teaching Cooper how to cook but also how to swear.



By Dragos Rusu



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