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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Trailer Teaser: ‘We’re The Same Temperature Now’

There might be three days until The Hunger Games epic release, but  there are officially 241 days until Breaking Dawn Part 2, and don’t  think anyone’s forgotten.

And even though you all may be tired of the comparisons, Lionsgate (now the  proud owner of Summit) is more than happy to convert a few of you loyal  Mockingjays into Twihards.

Which is why you trusty H.G. fans are in for a Twilight treat if you head to theaters this week

But first, check out the sneak peak of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer!

It’s like a little slice of vampire heaven.

The B.D. Part 2 trailer will premiere before The Hunger Games on Friday, but a very short teaser trailer has been released to  get you Twihards fired up.

In the clip, we catch a quick glimpse of both Taylor  Lautner (looking very buff in a skintight shirt) and Robert  Pattinson, who is adjusting to his life with beloved Bella as a  vampire.

Only problem? There’s no shot of Kristen Stewart! Who,  obviously, is the one we’re really holding out to see—thank gawd for those gorgeous vampire pics. We can’t to see more of that  fangtastic beauty on the big screen.

Our favorite part? When a pale, ice-cold Edward touches Bella’s (wedding  ring-clad!) hand and whispers, “We’re the same temperature now” in that deep,  sexy voice we know and love.

If this teaser’s any indication, the temperature’s seriously about  to fire up in this flick.

Here’s hoping for a much steamier scene than that lame bed-breaking  clip.

What say you, Awful readers? Does the Breaking Dawn Part 2 clip  leave you wanting more? Or are you over Twilight and on to The  Hunger Games hype?


by Ted Casablanca and Alyssa Toomey

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