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Brett Dalton Wants Fans To Launch #HiveSurvives Campaign To Push For Ward’s Return To The series

Brett Dalton Wants Fans To Launch #HiveSurvives Campaign To Push For Ward's Return To The series

As promised, Season 3 of “Agents of SHIELD” ended with death — two, to be specific — as Luke Mitchell and Brett Dalton sailed into outer space and off the show. But despite his heartfelt goodbye, Dalton has a message for the fans: If you’re loud enough, you might be able to bring him back.

“Here’s what I’d like to say: Now is the time to [organize] our efforts,” Dalton says when asked if he’d like to give a message to the “SHIELD” viewers, reminding everyone that “Agents of SHIELD” exists because a dead character from “The Avengers” was so beloved that he was brought back from the dead. “Everybody loved Coulson so much that they started this movement of #CoulsonLives, and Marvel listened. And that’s why we have a TV show.”

So, Dalton says, now is the time to make your voice heard. “They are listening,” Dalton says of Marvel, the “SHIELD” showrunners and anyone else who could bring the actor back to the show he helped launch. “If Hive and Ward were such a loved character, now would be the time to start tagging #HiveSurvives. So, I’m calling on all my fans to use that tag — and hopefully, I’ll get back on the show.”

Hold the phone, you might be saying to yourself: Didn’t we just see Hive/Ward shot into outer space and vaporized? How could he possibly still be alive, nevermind make his way back to Earth? Well, in a pop culture landscape where everyone from Jon Snow to Fish Mooney can be re-animated like Frankenstein’s monster, why can’t Grant Ward? If possible scenarios stump the writing team, Dalton has already come up with a few of his own.

“There are some doors that are still open — some cool, interesting technology that is introduced in the tag with Dr. Radcliffe and the life model decoys,” Dalton suggests of the season finale’s final moment, playing off a long-simmering rumor that Coulson is among those androids.

“There’s always a possibility of me returning; the possibilities are endless,” Dalton reasons. “A death on ‘Agents of SHIELD’ is different than a death on any other show. We’re in this fantasy/comic book world, and the door is open. So, I want to enlist all my fans to start tweeting #HiveSurvives, and we’ll see where that goes.”



by Larry Carroll



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