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Britney Spears Debuts New Song “Make Me” – Have A Listen!

Britney Spears Debuts New Song "Make Me" - Have A Listen!

Pokémon, Blink 182, The Spice Girls and Tarzan have all made their comeback in 2016, now add Britney Spears to that list of 90’s/ early 00’s icons making their return in 2016.


The ‘Hit Me Baby, One More Time‘ singer just dropped her new track ‘Make Me‘ and it’s not at all bad. The slow burner is sadly less nostalgic ‘Womanizer’ Brit (*sobs*) and more a modern day pop gem. It’s less attitude and all grove. It’s the sorta sound you get when the record label backs you with a team of the best songwriters and producers in town. We won’t let that hold us back from indulging in some guilty pleasure pop.

Fans are obviously pretty wrapped and the song has already jumped to the top of the US iTunes charts. Britney Spears is well and truly chuffed. The first decade of the noughties didn’t serve her well – but it seems things are making taking a turn for the best.

You can take a listen (officially) via Apple Music, or through the cheeky video below before someone rips it down:

Listen: Britney Spear:  Make Me (Feat. G-Easy)



by Tom Pitney



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