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Britney Spears Drops Her New Hot & Controversial ‘Criminal’ Video With Real-Life Boyfriend.

“Ladies & gents, I’m excited to present to you the video for one of my favorite songs off of Femme Fatale, Enjoy”, Brit tweeted.

In the video for her fourth Femme Fatale single, Criminal,  Britney Spears delivered an epic mini-movie, full of romance, violence, lust, intrigue, and a whole lot of make-out sessions with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

The video begins with Spears and her mean British boyfriend at a posh event. After he gets emotionally and physically abusive, he drags her outside where he bitch-slaps her,  and that’s when Trawick conveniently cruises up on his motorcycle like a knight in shining armor and gives it right back to the guy.

Britney then bolts from the stuck up prim-and-proper aristocratic lifestyle and discovers she’s happier living life on the run with a Criminal. After they rob a convenience store at gunpoint, the video gets hot and steamy with intimate lovemaking @ the criminal’s apartment, in the bed, in the shower and who knows where else they do it. It’s certainly a peek at Brit and her beau’s real life passion.

The video was shot in London before the kickoff of Britney’s European tour.Criminal shows a side of her that we have never seen… armed and dangerous! The use of guns during the shoot caught the attention of British Parliament, which questioned the role model that Britney should have.

All in all, this was a pretty entertaining video, it’s hot, full of passion and with a touch of madness — just like Britney.



By Larry Yepez Jr.



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