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Bruce Springsteen Helps 9 Year Old Fan With Tardy Note at Late Night Concert

Bruce Springsteen Helps 9 Year Old Fan With Tardy Note at Late Night Concert 2

If there’s any excuse for staying out late on a school night, a nearly-four-hour Bruce Springsteen concert is it.

Accordingly, nine-year-old Xabi Glovsky came prepared when he and his father Scott attended the first of the Boss’ three nights at the LA Sports Arena on March 15, part of his national River tour with the E Street Band. Anticipating that he’d be out past his bedtime, the fourth grader held up a sign during the show that read, “Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow. Please sign my note.” The three-and-a-half-hour, 35-song set ended just before midnight, according to fan site Backstreets.

Scott is obviously a very cool dad, but Bruce reminded us all that he is America’s Dad by asking security to bring the Glovskys backstage after the show so he could write a note offering Xabi’s teacher, Ms. Jackson, the best excuse there is: rock ‘n’ roll.

“Xabi has been out very late rocking + rolling. Please excuse him if he is tardy!” the note reads.

The senior Glovsky, a massive fan who’s attended more than 100 Springsteen concerts, recounted the moment to Backstreets:

“Bruce sat down on a couch and started to talk with Xabi, asking for the name of his teacher and how Xabi spelled his name, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen. As Xabi sat next to him on the couch, Bruce thoughtfully and artistically created this beautiful note. It was very interesting to watch the artist at work. They talked for a few minutes, and Bruce was incredibly nice, caring and generous.”

bruce springsteen tardy note


Sorry Ms. Jackson, indeed.





By Andrea Domanick



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