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Calle 13 Feeds Mexico’s Hungry

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Calle 13 is serious about feeding the hungry.

The popular Puerto Rican duo gathered 48,500 lbs. of food during a concert in  Mexico, according to multiple reports.

Primera  Hora reports that it was singer René Pérez Joglar’s appeal for aid on  social media sites such as Twitter that helped them raise the food.

Via his Twitter account, Joglar said that the 50,000 people who planned to  attend the concert were expected to take two lbs. of rice and two lbs. of beans  in order to gain admission to the show.

Primera Hora also states the through a press release Joglar talked  about the impact social media can have on good causes. The food raised will be  distributed to disadvantaged communities in Mexico.

Mexican actors Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal also attended the concert.  The two reportedly took a break from filming “Chávez: The Fights in the  Fieldsque Filman.”

Recently Calle 13 linked up with Oscar-winning Argentine director Juan Jose  Campanella for their latest music video, “La vuelta al mundo.”

Fox  News Latino previously reported that Joglar said the video takes place  in an office where all the employees are submerged in their routine except for a  couple, who decide to break out of their rut and meet up with a fantasy  world.

The video, filmed in the area of Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires, features  actors Soledad Fandiño and Juan Minujin.

The song “La vuelta al mundo,” written by Residente, was inspired by the film  “Into the Wild,” directed by Sean Penn.

The song forms part of Calle 13’s most recent album, “Entren los que  quieran,” for which the duo won nine Latin Grammys.






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