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Cameron Diaz Ditches Radio Interview After Hosts’ Hateful Comments Towards Her Friends

Cameron Diaz Ditches Radio Interview After Hosts' Hateful Comments Towards Her Friends

Cameron Diaz hung up on an Australian radio show host, cutting the interview short, when she was questioned about her friend Drew Barrymore’s past drug habits.

The interview with Diaz and Jason Segal on KIIS 1065 was supposed to focus on their new movie “Sex Tape” that was released Friday. Initially, things were going along pretty smoothly, with radio hosts Jackie O and Kyle delving into the movie and its sometimes raunchy content. Jackie O asked them about the possibility of getting turned on during sex scenes during the movie, and Segal confessed that it was more often “super funny – and we were laughing more than anything.”

But from sex talk and filming sex scenes, the conversation devolved when co-host Kyle Pettiland mentioned something about Diaz’s friend Barrymore and her struggle with addiction.

Jackie O brought the subject up by pointing out that one of the little girls playing in “Sex Tape,” Giselle Eisenberg, reminded her of Barrymore from “ET,” when she was a child.

Cameron responded well to that comment, saying, “She’s as bright and lively as Drew is, as well.”

But then Kyle joked about the actress hopefully missing out on Barrymore’s drug years, and even as the interview started to move on, Diaz pulled it back.

“I’m sure, Kyle, you’ve never been through a drug phase, have you? Alcoholism or anything like that? Pretty clean, always get it right,” Diaz said.

Kyle also made a joke about Diaz’s boyfriend Benji Madden. And although one more question to Segal occurred, right after that, Diaz said they had to go.

“We’re having to go now,” she said. “Sorry, they’re wrapping us up.”

After the two stars got off the air, Jackie O pointed out the mistake to her co-host.

“You ruined that interview, sorry to be blunt,” Jackie O said, as quoted by

“You brought up Drew Barrymore, her best friend’s drug addiction in the past. And then you brought up Benji and we all know how protective Cameron is about her private life,” Jackie O said. “So the two things that probably would get her off-side, you went there.”

But Kyle didn’t see a problem with his questions or comments. “Maybe they should have just bought ads if they want to sell the movie, I want to find out other things, ” he replied.

By Morgan Chilson



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