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Casey Anthony Lawyer Jose Baez Investigated For ‘Ethical Violations’


We’re sure it won’t come as a surprise to hear thatis getting investigated for “ethical violations.” Since her controversial murder acquittal, Casey’s Puerto Rican attorney has endured his share of haters. But this particular charge seems to be based on a legal technicality.

The Florida State Bar believes that Baez wasn’t completely honest when it came to Anthony’s probation. Back in 2010, she had been convicted for check fraud and was put on watch for a year because of the crime. The murder trial judge erroneously allocated the time served towards her current probation and Jose did not speak up to clear the matter.

Is it “unethical?” Yes. Should it affect Baez’ ability to practice law? That may be tougher to answer. Some are wondering if the Bar is being extra harsh to Jose because of the negative backlash from the trial.

As of right now, it’s all still under investigation. And even if they do take away his law license, we doubt it will hurt Baez’ career. He’s still earning tons of cash for those exclusive interviews and could be very close to getting his own Hollywood agent.



By Michael Lopez



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