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Celebrities React to the “Rapture” – Or Lack Thereof

There was lots of hoop-la surrounding Harold Camping’s “Rapture” theory which predicted world destruction on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 6pm. But here we are, two days later and the big world-ending event now seems like an afterthought.

Although there were people that took the “Doomsday” prophecy seriously, celebrities took to Twitter to make light of the prediction.

Apparently, Joe Jonas needed clarity:

“Beginning of the end? Im confused.”

“Fast Five’s” Tyrese felt the need to prepare:

“If it’s the end of the world today.. I better get a massage a facial and my feet done so I can meet Jesus looking and feeling right…”

Demi Lovato wasn’t the slightest bit worried:

“If the world does try to end today, my #Lovatics will save you….. They’re superheros…. ;)”

Jewel need to be sure that she wasn’t the only survivor:

“Everyone still alive out there? Lol”

Chris Brown posted an apocalyptic picture of himself and Justin Bieber on the set of “Next 2 U” and tweeted:

“Judgement day!! lol”

“Dancing with the Stars” Jake Pavelka turned the “Rapture”into his own little conspiracy theory:

“Evidentally there is a lack of gossip news. So therefore the world is going to end today! BAHAHAHA!!”

And we can always count on the comedians to turn something serious into a laughing matter.

George Lopez joked:

“Maybe the Rapture will be the day Latino’s become the Majority in the United States , OMG !! Who will watch our pets !! Lol”

Christina Applegate tweeted:

“So you think the dude who said today was the end got unfriended a ton on facebook?”

Colin Hanks pondered via Twitter:

“Harold Camping, aka Rapture man is based in Oakland? Huh. Also, you think he blew through his advertising budget? Oh, and did it happen yet?”



By Sharmaine Jones



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