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Celebrity builds her own E-commerce fashion brand for Latinas in the US

Celebrity builds her own E-commerce fashion brand for Latinas in the US 2


Harnessing Personalized Technology, Social Media and Celebrity Partners, Aviesta.com is now the 1st online fashion site specifically serving US Latina population

   The first shoe and handbag fashion site designed specifically to serve the United States’ 18 million Hispanic women, Aviesta.com is now officially open.  Aviesta.com gives stylish Latinas an in-language, upscale, and completely personalized experience that has previously not been available in the United States.

 “E-commerce and fast fashion are the fastest growing aspects in retail sales, and nowhere do we see a bigger market of enthusiasts of both than the stylish Latina,” said Aviesta CEO Don Oas.  “We have been blown away by the speed of adoption in Mexico. They’ve loved our mix, which is built exclusively with Latin flair and style in mind.”  It didn’t take long for Latinas in the USA to notice, and it became evident on Facebook and Twitter that they wanted Aviesta.com to open in the US. “So here we are!  Sorry Brazil, we promise, you are next!”

 Based on JP Morgan’s preeminent study, E-commerce is in the midst of a multi-year secular growth pattern that is dramatically altering retail sales as we know it.  Projected to be a $1 trillion market by 2013, with Latin America as the fastest growing segment at nearly 30% per year, e-commerce has permanently disrupted the traditional retailers.  With the Latin consumer, a confluence of factors are contributing to the huge growth and fueling the opportunity, including increased broadband and smartphone/tablet Internet access, the familiarity, acceptance of online purchases, and increased frequency of shopping sessions.”

 “The Latina shopper is increasingly coming online and looking for on-trend fashions, while at the same time expecting the value enabled by Internet commerce.  When we combined these elements with our personalized styling service and Latin inspired designs, the connection was made” continued Oas.

 The latest census data shows that U.S. Hispanics spend 46 percent more on shoes per capita than the general population, while having a median age 9.4 years younger1.  These statistics make it imperative to cater to the Latina consumer – someone who’s young, who loves to socialize, who lives in an urban or suburban setting, and who has unique tastes.


 Since its launch, Aviesta has become a social phenomenon, with more than 1 million Facebook fans in just 6 months.  Currently the shoe and handbag shopping site has more than 4 million unique visits per month, quickly becoming the country’s No. 1 digital store for women’s fashion.  With the Latin market showing significant growth in consumption; Aviesta strives to meet the needs of a market that demonstrates the potential to be a leader in the online shopping industry.

 Not surprisingly, word of mouth spread to the United States, with pent-up demand reaching a fever pitch and making #AviestaUSA Twitter’s No. 1 trending topic when the US store opened on August 20th.

Adding fuel to the social fire, Anahí, Mexico’s hottest music artist and actresses as well as the leader in social media, serves as Aviesta’s Fashion Director.  She works directly with her team to ensure that members’ online showrooms reflect their style.  She also guarantees that Aviesta.com is constantly updated with fashions that are fresh, sexy and delightful.

 “Our members have great taste!” says, Anahi, “but more than that they love it when we bring them items that they can’t get anywhere else.  There’s buzz everyday on Facebook and Twitter – it’s so rewarding for all of us to get such quick and positive feedback.  We’ve invested a lot to create Aviesta and we know our market very well.  But this is just the beginning, as we are creating THE premier online destination for Latin style.”

 Aviesta provides its members a new showroom each month, with personalized selections for every member- literally hundreds of thousands of personalized showrooms are created each month.  All items at Aviesta.com are $39.99, with free shipping always.  Aviesta’s stylists and customer service managers are all bi-cultural, speak English and Spanish and are available via phone, email or online chat six days a week.

 Leveraging social media, Aviesta.com makes it easy for members to invite friends.  When new members find that Aviesta.com is in Spanish with unique Latina oriented styles, the usual reaction is  “Where has this site been all my life!?!”

 Aviesta celebrates Hispanic culture with a huge community of Latina members. The store even has special boot, handbag, and bridal boutiques, and a Quinceañera boutique coming soon to www.aviesta.com



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