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Cesar Millan Ordered To Pay A Fortune To His Ex

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Who knew Dog Whispering was such a lucrative career? According to recently released court docs, Latin canine king Cesar Millan earns over $170,000 a month, half of which will now have to go to his ex-wife.

This week, TMZ reported that Cesar got hit with some very hefty alimony costs after bailing on his 18-year marriage. The judge ordered him to cough up a flat fee of $400,000 to his ex-esposa Illusion, plus $23,000 a month in spousal support.

And did we mention that Millan has two sons in the equation?  Add their financial needs into the mix and his bill goes up another $120,000 a year! Something tells us it’ll take a lot of “Beast” Zuckerberg classes to help make up for those costs.

Perhaps the most interesting angle of the divorce comes from what Cesar didn’t have to reveal. Part of the settlement included a non-disclosure agreement about Millan’s bedroom habits. With that kind of privacy clause, you can only wonder what he was “Whispering” about between the sheets!



By Ikam Acosta



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