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Cesar Millan Speaks Out Against Costa Rican Puppy Mills

Cesar Millan Speaks Out Against Costa Rican Puppy Mills


Animal lovers will probably not want to visit Costa Rica anytime soon. The Central American country is starting to get a bad reputation for its treatment of dogs, with nearly a million homeless in the streets and many more raised in puppy mills.

So who better to bring attention to the problem than Mr. Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan? The famous perro expert recently filmed a Spanish PSA urging families to care for their pets.

Clearly geared toward the Costa Rican audience, Cesar plead with viewers to take good care of their animals. And that’s a lesson that needs to be heard, as the country is overrun with “callejeros” or “street dogs” given up by their owners.

Millan also spoke out against puppy mills, encouraging families to adopt dogs versus buying them in stores (where the mills ship them). It’s definitely an important message and one pet fans here in the states could learn a lot from too.


By Michael Lopez



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