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Céu Announces New Single “Chega Mais” Due Out October 15th

Brazilian singer Céu returns with a new single “Chega Mais” dropping Thursday, October 15, 2021 on Urban Jungle Records/Warner Music. This is the first single from her upcoming album Um Gosto de Sol, her first cover album that features 14 beautiful renditions of classic songs crafted by the Latin GRAMMY Award winner.

Originally released in 1979 by Brazilian Rita Lee, “Chega Mais” was selected by Céu on the album that inaugurated the mythical singer’s solo career. On this album, Rita deepened her musical relationship with her husband and co-writer Roberto de Carvalho and laid the foundation for what would become, in the following years, Brazilian Pop.

“Rita Lee is one of our great feminist figures, the woman in Brazilian music who always stood up to the guys,” says Céu. “She mastered all areas, ruled a city of São Paulo in perfect balance, where rock and Brazilian music mixed in a complete and perfect amalgamation. Rita is a hit maker and always worked with a lot of freedom, that became essential creative raw material. I inevitably felt the need to record one of her songs when I considered this album as a performer. It was the right time to do so.”

Céu has been recording mostly her own compositions since her first album back in 2005, but she had long wanted to record an album solely as a singer, dating back to the early stages of her musical career; before she discovered herself as a songwriter. The project was anticipated due to the pandemic, a period that forced the world to recover and led the artist to reconnect with her own musical memory.

The single “Chega Mais” was recorded with the participation of Pupillo (drums, percussion and music production), Hervé Salters (keyboards) from General Elektriks, Lucas Martins (bass), Céu (vocals and backing vocals) and Andreas Kisser (7-string acoustic guitar), guitarist of the metal band Sepultura, the official acoustic guitarist of the whole album.

Produced by Pupillo, Um Gosto de Sol (A Taste of Sun), an album of 14 tracks, will be released in November 2021. The repertoire selection was made by Céu, Pupillo, Edgard Poças and Marcus Preto and will include covers of Brazilian and world music classics.




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