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Charlie Sheen’s Textgate Update: Goddess Bree Olson “Still in Touch”


Just because she’s no longer a goddess doesn’t mean she can’t be a  friend, apparently.

After Charlie  Sheen himself confirmed that porn-starring sidekick Bree Olson bid sayonara to him and his Torpedo of Truth, a rep for  Olson says they’re still communicating.

“Things change sometimes,” Olson’s rep exclusively tells E! News. “They  are split but still remain in touch.”

As for whether she really ended things with the actor via text?

Despite Charlie’s claims otherwise, Olson’s rep says: “I don’t think the text  message is accurate.”

Of course, we’re not sure what to believe at this point when it comes to  those tied to the Sheen Machine. Just a week ago, her rep insisted to E! News that the  24-year-old Olson (real name: Rachel Oberlin) was only taking a temporary  reprieve from Sheen’s side to deal with a drunken-driving charge in Indiana stemming from  her February arrest and would be back at Sober Valley Lodge next  month.

“She went back to Fort Wayne to attend to personal issues including a court  date coming up,” the rep said. “It was planned long before the tour started that  she was going to leave at some point during the tour…

“Must it be that every time she leaves Charlie’s camp to go to Fort Wayne it  means she is leaving for good?”

Guess it was a rhetorical question.

By: Cristina Gibson and Whitney English



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