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Charlize Theron’s April Fools Sex Tape

Bring out the gimp. Charlize Theron has made a kinky S&M sex tape for our viewing pleasure.

Theron’s “hacked” cell phone video made its way onto the interwebs yesterday, only something was fishy. It was on Funny Or Die, a known comedy website for funny videos.

I’m sure people saw the ‘Charlize Sex Tape’ headlines yesterday and momentarily forgot what day it was. Meanwhile, Theron was probably lounging around giggling to herself thinking “Ha! Made you look, April Fools.”

The video begins with her saying,

“Move over Paris and Kim. Because I’m into some real kinky sh*t.”

It all spirals downward from there. The camera quickly pans to two guys in full leather sex gear whimpering, while Charlize commands them to cry like babies. Now that’s some weirdness to start your week with. April Fools prank or not, I’m not quite sure whether to laugh or be terrified.



By Ikam Acosta



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